DommyDoubtful: The Most Doubted Man Alive!

Who Is DommyDoubtful?

Originating from Seattle, WA – Dommy has expressed moments from his childhood through his passion for graphic design and streetwear. With influences from the skating scene, iconic horror films, and the music industry. Dommy shows his audience his personal life experiences through his craft, allowing others to view and relate to his current/past state of mind. We caught up with DommyDoubtful and asked him a couple of questions regarding his brand and what he stands for.

Tell Us About Yourself!

“So I was born in Seattle, Washington and lived there for 10 years before moving to a smaller town called Spokane, I grew up skateboarding in since I was 4. I continue to skate to this day – I think that’s were I gained most my love and inspiration for streetwear.

What Inspires Your Craft?

“I find a lot of inspiration from horror movies! I think they can have the best hidden messages and are the best art form of any movie genre.”

What’s The Meaning Behind Doubtful Clothing?

“The meaning behind Doubtful goes back to when I was a kid and I wasn’t raised in the best upbringing so people around me such as, friends, peers, and even family had doubted me with anything that I dreamt of doing. They would just put me down and tell me it would never happen. I know a lot of other people who went through similar situations so I know people could relate to the name and find their own meaning.

How Long Have You Been Designing And What Inspired You To Create Your Own Brand?

“So I’ve been designing for about 7 years, I started with sports designs were I would do designs of athletes in sports such as football and basketball mainly. I quit doing that for about a year and then picked up designing for clothes just for fun. I found the CufBoys channel on YouTube and saw Jonny start up Ransom, it inspired me to start my brand. So about a year later I got a Ransom tattoo to show my respect.”

Why Did You Commit Yourself To Streetwear?

I think I got so attached to streetwear and making clothes because it was a way to express my feelings without actually speaking them. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for art, from music to drawing, it was a way for me to escape the negative things going on in my life at such a young age.

What Do You Have In Store For The Future? What Can We Expect Fron You And Your Brand?

The rest of 2019 I’m going to be dropping some of my best work to date, I’ve connected with some great artist and smart people and have ideas I want to bring to life. Late November I have a mini-collection dropping focusing on quality and style.”

If You Could Thank Anyone For Where You Are Today, Who Would It Be And Why?

First off everyone who has ever supported me, I have to thank, cause without the supporters I wouldn’t be anything. But one person in particular is Seth Reynolds From @WhatYearCo. We became friends through the internet and found out we lived in the city. We met up and just talked about clothes and why we make clothes. He pushes me just as much as I push him. He pushes me outta my comfort zone to try new styles and things I wouldn’t normally do.”

How Did Your Parents Feel When You Told Them You Were Going To Pursue Your Dreams Of Making Clothes?

“Both my parents support me, they knew college wasn’t for me. They have their doubts I’m sure, I’m doing something they aren’t familiar with at all so that scares them just cause they want me to do well in life. But overall they support me and wear my clothes.”

What Motivates You To Continue Creating On A Daily Basis?

“The people who support me motivate me more than I think they will ever know, but honestly I just want to inspire people so if I can help atleast one person through my art I’ll feel accomplished. people nowadays feel alone and helpless. I’ve connected with people of all races, male, female, kids or adults. We all have the same goal to be happy and comfortable in life. To everyone who has seen this, just don’t let people doubt you, prove them wrong and get your bag, cause your opinion should be the only opinion that matters.”

We hope to see more of Dommy and what he has in store for future Doubtful Clothing drops!

DommyDoubtful’s IG & Twitter: @DommyDoubtful

DoubtfulClothing’s IG & Twitter: @DoubtfulClothing

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