The Mastermind Behind: SickOfAngels

Who Is FullMetalOrlando?

Over the past couple of months, the Rio Grande Valley has seen a dramatic increase in creatives breaking out of their shells – giving the people within the area more art to admire. Luckily for the residents of Edinburg, Texas, FullMetalOrlando isn’t holding back his craft from the masses anymore. Orlando gained the attention of Psychward Mike back 2018 and since then has been working with him on future projects that are currently being hidden from the public eye. FullMetalOrlando has been slowly creating a buzz within the underground streetwear community like no other – in fact, Orlando has taken fashion to a whole other level. Today, Orlando experiments with different garments such as denim jeans, heavyweight hoodies, etc. to create works of art with psychedelic influences from previous awakenings he’s had in the past. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip as we dive into the chaotic mind of FullMetalOrlando.

Entering The Mind Of FullMetalOrlando

Inspired by the alternative music he listens to and the archived pieces of well known designers such as Raf Simons, Jin Takahashi, Yohji Yamaoto, and more – Orlando has searched through the depths of fashion to reveal his own style. Adding a trippy twist to raw denim jeans, heavy weight cotton tees, and high-grade heavyweight hoodies, Orlando shows the true reality that psychedelics are capable of revealing. Orlando without a doubt is truly turning the tables within the street wear industry by throwing out a new subculture into the mix of the underground streetwear industry, allowing psychedelic fanatics and trip-takers alike to unite and stand up for what they believe in. Consider this creative’s movement as the “Psychedelic Punk Riot Organization” of today’s century, if you will. Orlando without a doubt has shown the world the truth behind these substance, breaking stigmas about the “severities” of these substances. Now we’re not saying that you should go out and pop 80 million fucking tabs of acid, but let this man’s art be the reason why you reconsider someone’s decision to self-reflect during their “trip.” With the vivid dreams of a creatively insane madman, Orlando spoke his vision into existence mid-2019 and named it SickOfAngels.

“The meaning behind “SickOfAngels” comes from a dream I had that was extremely vivid. The sum of it was an end of the world dystopian like situation that was overrun with crazed angels. One piece of dialogue stood out to me, some random passerby kept yelling “I’m so sick of all these angels!” As I woke up from this odd dream of mine, the words “sick of all these angels” kept resonating throughout my head over and over again, which inspired the name “SickOfAngels.”

SickOfAngels unlike most people within the underground scene, Orlando has studied avant-garde and abstract fashion designers and the creations they put on display and has a rough idea of the concept brainstorming process that goes along with creating a garment that has meaning and appeal to a variety of audiences. With fall in season, Orlando plans to release a full on F/W collection titled “Mycelium” before the end of the year. Paying his respects to PsychwardMike, Orlando expressed his appreciation for where he is today with this statement:

“If I had to thank somebody for where I’m at and what I’m doing, it would definitely be Mike from Psychward. He’s my brother and has pushed me to never give up and give in to negativity. I don’t know where I would be without him.”

After being given the position as the Creative Co-director of Psychward, Orlando has set out to pursue his dream within the fashion industry. This just goes to show that one small push from even a local creative can truly make a positive difference within the lives of others.

With a vault full of graphics, Orlando has been keeping his moves secretive as he sets out to surprise the masses with a jaw-dropping collection coming soon! Standing as an underdog within the underground street wear community, Orlando continues to inspire the youth of today’s new generation with his supportive parents standing by his side. His daily motivation to create? Orlando simply creates out of high hope, to finally be understood by the judgmental people that look down upon him. From what we’ve seen from Orlando, we’re more than sure that this kid will follow the footsteps of impactful RGV creatives like PsychwardMike and Isaiah Flowers, putting South Texas on the map for the creative power that he with holds.

FullMetalOrlando’s IG: @FullMetalOrlando

SickOfAngel’s IG: @SickOfAngels

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