The Anti-Icon Of Streetwear: Cursed Angelo

Who The Fuck Is Cursed Angelo?

With the mind of a madman and the creative thought process of every avant-garde designer known to mankind, Angelo has been raising havoc throughout today’s underground streetwear scene. Standing as one of the most influential creatives within the fashion industry, this kid from Santa Barbara, CA is bound to put his hometown on the map! With inspiration from films dated back to the mid 80’s-90’s and memorable experiences throughout his childhood, Angelo has stayed true to his roots by telling his life story through his clothing brand CursedStudios.

About Cursed Studios

After being denied at the gates of Heaven and being kicked out of the depths of Hell, Cursed Studios has been blessing the horror-fanatic mortals that roam the Earth with a never ending flow of straight HEAT! With inspiration ranging from a variety of memorable films such as Scream and Nightmare On Elm Street, this brand has proven to the underground streetwear community that they’re worthy of being listed as one of FTU’s top 10 favorite brands! Ever since the release of their woven blanket, Cursed Studios has pushed their name to the top- standing as one of the few underdog brands that has found great success through their own creative process and marketing plan!

Cursed Studios Woven Blanket

Angelo’s Mark On The Fashion Industry

As Angelo continues to create works of art, he has proven to the fashion industry that he is capable of keeping up with higher-end brands that seem to be running up in the streetwear community. This 20 year old creative is without a doubt on his way to being seen on a red carpet. Representing the creative hispanic population, Angelo never disappoints- breaking boundaries that others would never dare to even come close to. His voice, his vision, and his art have most definitely left a mark on the lives of many creatives that look up to him.

Words From Cursed Angelo:

“I would thank my older brother for pushing me and influencing at a young age to pursue what makes me happy, and my parents for always supporting me and showing love, aswell! Something that I’ll always be fortunate for is my friends in Santa Barbara that DO support me and don’t just SAY IT. Also really thankful to have learned how to sew from my friend Ben Harger, If it wasn’t for him none of the gear would have sewn woven labels.”

We are truly grateful for the time Cursed Angelo took out of his day just to make this article possible, and for that- FTU salutes to you, Angelo! We’ll be sure to keep you all posted with future projects from Cursed Studios!

Instagram: @CursedAngelo & @CursedStudios

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