PSYCHWARD Previews A Variety Of Cropped Logo Hoodies

Cropped Psychward Logo Hoodie (Sky Blue)

After announcing their full-time commitment to releasing consistent monthly mini collections, underground clothing brand PSYCHWARD decided to release a simple yet bold garment in a variety of colorways. Due to the high demand of hoodies during this time of year, Psychward Mike took matters into his own hands- giving the public a “go-to” garment that can be worn by pretty much anyone. This boxy-fitted hoodie is definitely an essential piece you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Cropped Psychward Logo Hoodie (Frost White)

“I know not that many underground streetwear brands focus on the longevity of a garment’s usability- most brands just slap satanic related graphics on pretty much anything and call it a fucking day. I just wanted to give my supporters a piece that they could get a lot of use out of- even when it fades with time.” Psychward Mike continued to support his “minimalistic” approach by pointing out some other problems within the underground streetwear community.

Cropped Psychward Logo Hoodie (Neon Yellow)

“You know, if there’s one thing that I’ve noticed about the underground streetwear community- it’s that most of these brands tend to just focus on graphics that’ll piss off old people rather than being able to catch someone’s attention with an actual worded out message. Yeah, I get it- it’s fucking FUN to piss close minded people off with gore-related images, but come on… We all have those days where we wish we had one simple piece of clothing to complete certain outfits.”

Cropped Psychward Logo Hoodie (Blood Red)

For a whopping $40- anyone fitting from a size Small to a XXXL can spruce up their wardrobe with this timeless garment. Every piece created by PSYCHWARD is carefully cut, cropped, screen printed, and hand packaged with a note of appreciation by Psychward Mike himself! The cropped garments are set to release 01/09/20 at 8:00PM CT via!

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