The Future of The Emerging Underground Hip-hop Scene

Is SoundCloud’s Underground Hip-hop the new mainstream? Or will it all soon come to an end.

The Official SoundCloud Logo.

Chances are some of your favorite big-name artists who were once small-time artists uploading tracks to the streaming platform that we call SoundCloud, which is also where many emerging artists get their first big break to the road of discovery.

With artist such as Post Malone, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and many more, SoundCloud’s underground music scene has been a platform with large contributions that has even had an effect on influencing mainstream Hip-hop and arguably one of the reasons why Hip-Hop/Rap has evolved and developed so many experimental sub-genres. SoundCloud has become a platform where you can truly become a star from your bedroom and hone unique abilities as an artist.

Honestly, I personally believe SoundCloud is here to stay as the new face of the mainstream and has even gave birth to new sounds, styles, and waves that has launched rap further and especially how we view rappers, one prominently being dubbed as “Emo Rap” which in short is music that’s lyrics tend to focus on topics such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, drug abuse, nihilism, suicide, heartbreak, and self-medication.

The term “SoundCloud Rapper” tends to get a bad rap due to the oversaturated market of everyone wanting to be a rapper but it’s a much undeserved label that many people try to throw around as an insult to the music that these artist create. I would honestly like to tell those who throw the name around as something to scoff at, to take a step back and look at the actual artist working their ass off to make a name for themselves and who really respect the art of what they’re trying to accomplish as musicians.

$not to the left, JameirKGolden middle, Tokyo’s Revenge right.

For example, newly emerging artist such as $not, JameirKGolden, Tokyo’s Revenge and many others are starting to become prominent new artist in the underground scene with infectious styles and genre bending freedom that a lot of mainstream artist don’t have anymore, there are also so many unspoken rules of being a mainstream artist that a lot of up and coming artist to the scene are breaking.

As we watch SoundCloud continue to grow at rapid rates with brand-new emerging artist everyday I just don’t see SoundCloud coming to an end if anything I think SoundCloud will remain one of the biggest go to spots for the future of charting artist and the way they we define the mainstream sound and style for the culture not only for this generation but for the future of music until that next streaming platform comes and offers more for independent artist looking to make a name for themselves in the music scene.

2 thoughts on “The Future of The Emerging Underground Hip-hop Scene

  1. Hi Chad,

    I really enjoyed reading your post on up and coming soundcloud artists. As one myself, I think its important for listeners to understand our worth in the music industry and what we can bring to the table. I have been writing music for 9 years and producing, mixing, and mastering for 7. I sent a link to my linktree where you can find my music and merch. It was a pleasure reading your blog and I look forward to hearing from you.


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