DEADNIGHT make moves with latest update to their ‘HELLCARE’ collection.

DEADNIGHT’s latest collection homes several designs in varying colorways. Including biohazard t-shirts and logo tees in multiple colorways. The ‘HELLCARE’ collection also features a utility vest with 3M strips and mesh panels to wear over hoodies and sweatshirts. The collection was most recently updated with sweatpants, an iconic ‘DO NOT GET CAUGHT’ pendant, bag and several original t-shirt designs. These additions should serve as a clear indicator to anybody not switched on to the brand to start following as DEADNIGHT continues to drop fire.

Much of the inspiration for the design of this collection comes from prescription medicine, with a reoccurring theme of pills, medicine bottles, and bar codes sprawled across the collection. This theme also reaches into the accessories in the collection, with one model featuring a full bio-medical fit, bag included. Several pieces also feature imagery of religious figures worshipping the brand, showing the hold brands can have over people, and the lengths people will go to acquire something from their favorite brand.

It seems apparent that DEADNIGHT is making major moves in the streetwear industry whether that be through their collection of high-quality garms, or their distribution to multiple stores that stock the brand.

You can shop DEADNIGHT here, view it’s stockists here for international purchases, and follow their Instagram page here.

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