Relik’s newest collection puts them on the map.

Upcoming clothing brand Relik are working on establishing themselves as an independent clothing brand. Ran by Sam Collier, Relik’s latest drop certainly leaves something to be remembered.


Relik has built a reputation for it’s design featuring a face with two smiles. Following this the brand has picked up pace and built a small but dedicated cult following, branching out and been expanding product range and design.

Relik’s latest garment is their Heaven & Hell hoodie, a unique design which flips Relik’s classic smiley face design and splits it into two sides – Heaven & Hell. The piece features on Relik’s site and retails for £27 ($35) and is a heavier more luxurious fit.

I got opportunity to interview both the owner and designer of Relik, Sam Collier, and collaborator Maligenii about how they designed their latest two pieces and the meaning of the trademark Relik logo.

When asked about the inspiration behind the design the owner of Relik, Sam Collier, had this to say.

With the heaven and hell concept I always wanted to explore like a devil and angel concept. One of my inspirations for the topic was Don Toliver’s album Heaven and Hell. I always had it in the back of my head that I wanted to base a piece around that kind of idea or theory. This also goes back to the foundations for the meaning of the Relik logo with the double meaning, it’s the way people perceive it, like do you see the happy face or the sad?

On what led Collier to settle on the split smiley design.

With the design, me and Mason (Maligenii) brainstormed some certain ideas that would capture a Heaven and Hell concept and then we came to this.

Reliks’s latest tee is a collaborative effort with graphic designer @maligenii, which can be purchased online for £18 (or $23). It’s design features a clean set of three cards on the front, a casino sign, with the back boasting a collection of poker chips featuring the iconic Relik smiley face design.

When asked about how he and Sam landed on the idea for a casino themed tee, Maligenii had this this to say.

Well, Sam had approached me about designing stuff for Relik and it was more a case of me asking him what kind of theme we were wanting to explore for that specific T-shirt you know? And he sent me a rough sketch of a few chips and cards on a table. From there I just thought up the isometric table design.

Featured below is an early design of the casino tee.

If you like what you see and want to keep up with Relik’s latest updates you do so on Instagram here, and if you want to purchase from their store you can here.

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