I got a chance to talk with New York’s: 200 Shies

State your name for the people my brother

200 Shies (former artist name – Lil Shies) born and raised in NYC.

Why did you change your name?

I changed my old name because I didn’t wanna be known as another “Lil” rapper. No offense to any of those rappers that start with “Lil” as their artist name, I just feel like it’s too common. The artist name comparison was too close to Lil Skies too which I used to get a lot of people comparing our names and that eventually turned me off about the whole name.

Latest fight you’ve been in?

The last fight was a while ago bro, was just on some bullshit: I was playing basketball with my cousin against these two guys who wanted a 2 on 2. This mother fucker started getting mad ass hell because him and his boy were getting destroyed and he kept hacking me like crazy; hella reach-in fouls as well. We even did a rematch and this loser kept hacking me, my cousin and I won that game too. The game was up 21 then after that bro was just talking crazy to me so I wasn’t going for that. I beat his ass and even his boy who was there tried to stop it from happening but he knew his boy was trippin.

What’s your take on 2020?

This is one of those years where we all tell our future seeds and future grandchildren about all the events that took place in 2020. Let alone the beginning of this year was crazy enough, this worldwide pandemic, the lockdowns, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and so many others who passed away this year from celebrities to rappers, actors, and just your everyday human beings is insane. I feel like more people are seeing the truth and the flaws within the government and the system designed against the majority. This is the time for us to get right with ourselves and work on us to become better people at the end of the day.

lil shies2

What do you like to do outside of rapping and lifting heavy weight?

I’m working on getting myself more out there to model for streetwear brands by taking professional pictures so if anyone reads this and needs some modeling done for their brand let’s talk. Aside from that I like doing pieces on notebooks just writing graffiti and coming up with cartoon characters. I like watching movies and TV from time to time, listening to podcasts and I’m into conspiracy theories and crime/murder mystery/missing cases all on Youtube. Shoutouts to BuzzFeed Unsolved (shit I need more time away from the internet, I should be reading more books).

I feel you with reading more .. we all should be reading every night imo

What are your biggest moves coming up?

I got this new single dropping with Bp The Gassguy called MySpace and an EP coming up with him too called GassBros. Aside from that I got more tricks up my sleeve, definitely more music and a few more surprises.

What label would you give your music?

I was messing around with the melodic sounds which showed my versatility but I’m getting back to my original East coast sound that I was creating.

Which song of yours is the most GAS?

This last single I dropped is my hardest song. It just embodies that East coast sound I was talking about before. The concept for this song came from the wrestler Sting who came up with the Crow character inspired by Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son). R.I.P. to both of them if they were both still here they would’ve done some amazing things! In the chorus you hear me say “I be feeling like I’m Sting all black like a crow I be really by my lonely I ain’t cuffin on these hoes”. What I’m saying is I be by myself and I’m conscious about who I surround myself with just like how Stings’ crow character seemed to stick to himself and then started opening up more then eventually flourishing; he was quiet and reserved but still moved smart. I’m a big wrestling fan and looking back on videos, WCW had some great content. I could see how they were a threat to WWF/WWE at the time and I wish Vince McMahon would’ve never bought out WCW. It would’ve been crazy though if he brought Sting over to Smackdown or Raw when WCW was bought out then he most likely would’ve wrestled against The Undertaker and created one of the best feuds of all time! I appreciate all the support and I need more people to run those numbers up and stop sleeping on me! The soundcloud link is below but it’s on all platforms too (Spotify, Apple, Matter, Tidal, Deezer, all of that good stuff).


I’m listening to it rn that shits clean as hell!

What’s your dream collab?

I got a few:

Black Kray, Booychaaaiin, 5G of Five Finger Posse, Trippjones of Five Finger Posse, Wifi Gawd, Amber London, Hook, Roc Marciano, Raekwon, Max B and Styles P.

What music do you recommend to us right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s Hip hop lately and some punk rock music. Right now I’d just say go explore the underground scene of Hip hop and see what you like. If anything just listen to some lo-fi beats and instrumentals. That gets me in a calm mood.

What’s your take on the current state of hip hop?

It just keeps evolving some would say for the good and some would say for the worse. Hip hop has so many subgenres nowadays and so many people are doing this which makes it seem overcrowded. Anyone could wake up tomorrow and say “I wanna be a rapper” and that’s cool just make sure you do it for the right reasons not just because you wanna be famous that’s the worst mindset to ever have.

Love you man, feel free to hit up me or any the rest of the crew over here at Fuck The Unknown.

Love bro I deadass appreciate you for taking the time out to do this. Shoutouts to everyone who tunes into my music and follows me on my social media platforms. I love you all. I wouldn’t be able to have the courage to do this without any of you. Stay blessed and be safe out here.

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