South Carolina’s Very Own Lamontae Foyay is the new artist to watch for with his new single titled “Loading”

Lamontae Foyay is a unique indie Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B artist who carries a variety of creative flows and melodies that will have listeners gravitate to his newest single “Loading” which is set to release on December 11th, 2020. I’ve had the privilege of having early access to the single, and I am blown away. This is the breath of fresh air I never knew that I needed for inspiration.

This heavy hitter single is a really strong start in Foyay’s career, as it takes you on an emotional roller coaster, Foyay paints vivid images of struggle, being the change, and facing reality within the minds of his listeners. Florence artist Lamontae Foyay is definitely a cut above the rest, and I am privileged to have en early listen to this amazing new body of work titled “Loading” and I am honestly happy to see where he takes us next.

With deep attention to detail Foyay even rewards the listener for sticking around with this 2 in 1 song, half-way through the song you hear walking on the pavement and dogs barking seating you in the rough and tough nature of where he is drawing inspiration from in a self reflective open letter to the music industry and you know, Lamontae Foyay is tired of taking the backseat and has enough and finally is prioritizing himself as something much more than just “producer that occasionally raps” but as an all around artist that just so happens to know how to produce.

The song’s ambiance is soothing and delivers strongly with well-hitting verses and hooks that’ll keep you drawn in with every second and every verse stated is just cold hard truth but in a smoothe way you wish you yourself could express to all those whoever doubted you and what you stand for a person, currently this song has been on a non-stop repeat playlist that helps motivate me in these trying times we call 2020.

[By the time of the release of this article this song will be available on all streaming platforms where i’d advise you to check out and stay alert for more from this artist.]

Link Below:

Instagram & Twitter: @LamontaeFoyay

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