How long have you been creating your own music? In terms of production, writing, all of that?

Um, I started music during my freshman year of high school in 2011, the beats came first because I was solely just a producer at the time. I always wrote songs but I didn’t really start recording them until 2018.

What inspired you to make music in the first place? What continues to inspire you?

Hearing different varieties of music that my parents and grandparents played as a kid and watching music videos inspired me a lot. What continues to inspire me nowadays is just life, to be honest, or nature, I love nature.

You dropped an EP, For The Night, earlier this month. Tell us more about the creation process for the project and how it came to be.

That EP came about randomly one day actually, I was in a hotel one night with my boy 2C and I was like “I should remix midnight by xanman” and I did exactly that, posted it on Twitter and my boy Louis asked to get on it. I made campfire in my room tho one night because I’ve never really done acoustic songs before and he happened to wanna hop on that as well so we decided to just do a small EP.

What are some of your long term goals? If you can see 5 years into the future, where would you hope to be?

To turn what started off as a hobby into a living permanently and to buy my parents a home just off of music money. I would hope to be a well-respected name in the music industry and in the studio with Keith Sweat.

You’re pretty diverse in terms of production, is there a specific genre or sound you would like to lean more towards to?

I try not to stay in 1 genre, to be honest, but something I do wanna lean more towards to is the 90s r&b sound but with my spin on it.

Are there any producers in particular that you want to work with one day?

Of course, there’s a lot but here’s a few: Tyler, the Creator, The Neptunes, Zaytoven, ICYTWAT, and Working on Dying

Stream “For The Night” here.

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