The New Phase: Barii

Welcome back to the page bro, anything new since our last talk?

Yes I have a single/visual I dropped on December 16th and it’s doing pretty good on all platforms, also dropped an album at the beginning of the year.

Noticed the lack of music released this year, was there anything in the way from getting you to work?

I believe you have to live life and go through real things and better yourself to make good music and this year I’ve gotten 10x better, recording isn’t the only thing I do.

Whats the music scene like in Texas? Anyone you’d like to work with from there?

The music scene in Texas is okay, it’s a lot of people that just want to be cool and it hides real talent from people and I’ll like to work with Kaash Paige or GUN40 but I’m patient.

What’s your overall take on 2020?

  • 2020 tested a lot of people and showed a lot of people’s real colors as far as who really has your back.
  • This year I just elevated myself and now 2021 I will be planning and releasing content.
  • I also went through a rebrand phase.

Do any artist influence your style? If so, Who?

Not many people inspire me to be honest but I work with people that inspire me already but Kaash and GUN inspire me as far I want to work with them.

What are your goals for 2021?

Goals for 2021 is to release and improve.

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