How did you come up with your artist name? Did you have other aliases in the past?

Came up with my artist name and label name around the same time. What inspired my artist name was Tino!kun one of the original names was Tino Byrd, which is supposed to be my first son’s name, but I took it for myself. With the label name, Death is everywhere, like the goons at 12 am lurking in the streets. The truth is always cloaked and hidden, always around the corner like death, or a goon. Hence the name, DEATHCLOAKGOONS.

When did you get into making music? How have things changed since you first started up to now?

I started making music in December 2015, been going hard in the paint since. Hella shit has changed. It has me feeling like the last of a dying breed because of the changes. From almost working with and getting compared to a few legends that have passed, to establishing more independency with an original website, making over $200 with the first iTunes/Spotify platform releases, to even establishing a solidified position in the game while in jail!
Since 2015, it’s almost become a whole new world, especially with the actual events going too from corona affecting performances. To major altering industry changes. Let’s not forget the shift in culture with the performance shootings and everything. Can’t wait for what 2021 has in store. Reform is happening too, so hopefully, some damn good things come from it.

What keeps you going? How are you doing mentally?

A fat blunt and a double cup to fight the demons away and keep the good spirits up!

But yeah. Self-indulgence, skating, of course, music. All of them reach so many spectrums of therapy for someone who struggles with depression. Always got to try and keep a healthy mindset with your favorite activities, and some natural remedies you know?

How would you describe your style?

The DCG style is a rare unique one. An erosion collision of olden classic inspirations, with a new age original twist of the dark and McCabe and all the knowledge the darkness hides and beholds. From light medicos to dark synths, the DCG spectrum really ranges high on both ends. Take a peek at the Twitter page, the online trail of the legacy and the online website to really capture the essence of a DEATHCLOAKGOON

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

PMW (Pu$$y, Money, Weed.) Aha but on the real, music, skateboarding, and greens (money.) I would put weed but that’s covered by the money, same with all the others listed too. But I’ve seen and dealt with some bullshit ass situations because of money, but it really does make the world go round, and oddly brings a sense of pleasure. I feel like there a little truth to money being evil, but spell it backwards, like the rest of the planet, all things are live

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

No morbid shit, but if not dead in a casket, definitely still going harder than last because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Grind like a 180 blunt stall. Just like that though, push to new heights with ease and steez. 2020 was nothing shy of a successful year, just with everything else going on in the world can give a sense of impending doom. But that’s been nothing for the DEATHCLOAKGOONS

With for surety from hard work, no doubt the next year gonna be even better

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