Find Purpose in the Face of Loneliness with Kuwaisiana’s “Cymbal Of This City”

Kuwaisiana is a New Orleans based band led by Kuwaiti songwriter, +Aziz and they’re here to help us end the year on a high note! The band has shared “Cymbal of This City,”the second single off their upcoming EP, ‘Chapter 2,’ out January 15th. 

Combining traditional Khaleeji rhythms with elements of ska, Sub-Saharan blues, and New Orleans brass music, “Cymbal of This City” is both danceable and poignant. With lyrics in English AND Arabic, the track examines +Aziz’s Arab identity through the lens of something we’ve all felt before- alienation.

Here’s what +Aziz had to say about the track:
“A song about finding purpose and establishing your voice in the face of loneliness. This song was born out of a desire to overcome alienation. Something I experienced a lot after moving to the US, particularly in urban life. Once I introduced the song to the band, we were able to elevate it with a driving force and a catchy hook! Probably the only true ‘hook’ on the EP actually.”

Stream “Cymbal of This City” in Spotify

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