Catching Up With XINCLAIR

Where are you from? Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense and in what way?

Phoenix, AZ. 100% a lot of my lyrics are pretty much just my inner thoughts about relationships I’ve been in, life problems, etc. I try to always keep my music as authentic to my mood/experiences I’m going through at the time of creating them.

What was your favorite cartoon show growing up? Any characters you best relate to?

I was a big fan of Regular Show growing up, just something about the aesthetic of the show/characters spoke to me

When did you get into making music?

I got into rapping around 3 or 4 years ago

How have things changed since you first started up to now?

Pretty much everything, my name, style of music, recording quality, mind set, all of it.

How would you describe your style since your sound is becoming more diverse?

If I had to describe my sound I’d have to say its more along the lines of aggressive but smoothly delivered emo rap/trap

What keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

Just wanting it so bad, music is all I wanted to do since a kid and I can’t imagine doing anything else (no matter how corny that sounds.) Plus I’ve been at it for so long already giving up would mean all the work I’ve been putting in would all be for nothing. Recently I’ve been pretty good, I have my ups and downs but I’m in a solid spot mentally.

Outside of music, what keeps you busy?

Recently I’ve been into movies. I decided to go back and watch all the most famous movies of all time. You know the ones everyone always talks about and make references too. It definitely helps me step away from the stress of music while at the same time gives me more stuff to reference in my songs

Any projects in the works? Collabs you’d like to lock in this year?

I’ve been slowly piecing together a few different projects, but as of right now I’m pretty dead set on pumping out singles. Honestly, I don’t really have any besides my close circle. I feel like the best music comes from when you actually got a vibe/connection with the people on the track. But as for the next collab I’m working on I’m gonna be releasing something with my brother Gun Boi Kaz soon.

What is the most important thing you want listeners to take from your music?

Whatever will help them the most. If they want to find comfort in my music after a breakup or just when they are going through something I’d want them to take away that. But if they just wanna shut their brain off and turn up for the night I’d want them to put on Flatline and have a good time you know.

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