Juzo – ANIMA 01

Emerging from the obscurities of Seattle, hip-hop artist and designer Juzo releases his debut EP ‘ANIMA 01’.

Known for his carefully crafted album artworks and his underground music blog ONSIGHT, Juzo reminds others of his daring musical prowess. With tracks like ‘fvith‘ and ‘ghost in my shell‘ that seethe with melancholy, dark obscure sounding bangers like ‘SIBYL‘, ‘Pathogenesis‘, and ‘The Void‘, and a fierce anthem in ‘JEHOVAH‘; each song carries an intense set of emotions, truly showcasing some of Juzo’s best work to date.

The EP also features a star-studded roster of Asian artists including Hawaiian Grammy winner Thomas Iannucci, ‘Show Me the Money‘ candidate Heesun Lee, 2019 Rapzilla Freshman Rhomar Jessy, and more. Juzo’s ambient and cyberpunk-inspired project is a soul-piercing testimony about finding hope amidst the desolate nature of addiction and depression.

“Five years ago I put out a project titled ‘Anima City’, which was the original telling of my EP. To see my concept grow and adapt, yet still retain the same message is truly amazing to witness.” – Juzo

After a year-long hiatus, Juzo once again shares his truths through this new release. Coupled with stunning visuals and a well-defined theme, the multi-talented creative brings forth a powerful and cinematic story for those who have walked a similar path.

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