Deli Meats Anonymous Release Their Impressive Debut Project

Dunce Parade is the first release from the new duo, Deli Meats Anonymous. The duo consists of PA-raised vocalist DEDISART and Ohio-bred producer McQUAID. Released on February 5, the nine track project allows the duo to put on a clinic of amazing drums and unique flows. Dunce Parade is the first collaboration between the two artist and also follows up DEDISART’s debut project MDM! from last year. 

Even though these nine songs are the first the duo has ever released, the two artists came together to create an energetic concept album filled with quotable hooks and dizzying flows. 

DEDISART proves his songwriting talents all over Dunce Parade. PA’s newest star is able to bring emotion out of every last syllable when he raps  A standout track is “Left4DED”, DED is able to use the droning sample to really show the diversity of his voice. He approaches this song in a way we haven’t heard from DED’s past efforts, experimenting with tone and cadence in ways that pay off beautifully. 

The hooks on this project are filled with memorable melodies and lines that will stick in your head. Track 4, “TLC”, is a great example of DED’s ability to structure catchy, fun songs. “If you gon’ screw me than fuck me good, I got some heads on a hitlist” is a line that sounds best when screaming it alone in the car. 

McQUAID provided a sonic soundscape that includes impressive sample chops and aggressive  drum programming. The song “No Malice” is the epitome of these two things. Rapid drum patterns lay under a beautiful sample, providing a contrast that creates a bright, bouncy instrumental. 

McQUAID’s versatility shines throughout the project’s 20-minute runtime. “Another Great… !” is a smoother production style compared to other songs on the project. Showing that the conductor of the Dunce Parade can create a nice groove just as well as he can make a speaker-shaking drum pattern. 

Dunce Parade is two young artists coming together to create a project that is fresh and unique. The scariest part is that DEDISART and McQUAID are just getting started on what are sure to be two long-lasting and impressive careers. 

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