State of the Art!

Some new fire just dropped on SoundCloud! Our friend Art has shown us his brand new three track EP that is guaranteed to get you rockin— I quickly breakdown the EP and talk a little bit more about the rocker: Art and his favorite engineer/collaborator B-Rey.


The first track “All Alone” clearly has western rap influence, with lyrical melodies and harmonies that resound through the soul. If you were looking for the most beautiful track, this one is it. The beat is airy and filled with gross beat. We love these beats here at FTU, that shit bangs!

The next song “Always in Cash” also has a pop style flow. When I listen, I feel the gritty autotune and aggressive lyrics. As a nice treat, we get a featured homie on this track! B-Rey jumps in to sling some bars on everybody, with a more harmonic and soothing sounding vocal that really makes your head nod. The beat is also really clean, as the glass hi hats run smooth as hell. The 808 work is also fun to bounce with. His producers always kill it!

The hardest and my personal favorite: “Ain’t Neva” rounds out the album as the finale of these trio of bangers. An ambient melody with a faint alarm effect brings you in and the slamming kicks drop your jaw down. Art really gets close to the mic and mutters lyrics that go hard as hell, mentioning fucking girls and making cash; a true staple of pop-trap. The vocal track is gritty and overbearing, perfect for turning up the sub woofers of your car and blasting.


Art tells us that he has many artists and models that inspire him to drop music, giving him the passion to be the artist he is today. For fashion, he has many people to thank, as his modeling has been increasing in popularity lately. He knows music and fashion go well together, and stepping into the fashion world has been a true drive for him in his music making talents.

Art says that this EP is just a snippet of what his next tape is going to be. He fucks with making slow jams, expressing the drugs and women he’s encountered over his travels. The main connections he touts are from Texas, where he mentions that he’s always 30 minutes away from the board but always working in Houston or wherever clubs book him.

“Big Shouts to my new A&R Ace McCain and others that have kept me going! Truly: love for all the fans and supportive energy”

Follow Art around the world thru the links below –

Art’s Twitter

Art’s Instagram

Art’s YouTube

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