The Helping Hand

What did you do this week?

There’s a go fund me for a little girl named Makayla who took her own life after losing a battle with depression and we stepped in: me and my team CWCMF donated because we all been through troubled times and depression and we wanna raise awareness so other children and youth battling things can discuss and come to together. We want to people to know we are here for them every step of the way, the link is still active and it’s going toward a good cause sending this lil angel home the right way. Every day we plan something positive, and have become a helping hand in giving out food for the the less fortunate, clothing, shoes and whatever we can do from our own here in our place of residence: Texas.

What do you do for Texas?

I help the community and provide. It started since Hurricane Harvey in 2017; we got deep in the flood, giving out food, helping people till current time. Every month we pushing the giveback and doing good deeds for the right cause. We wanna help the people from all walks of life, and give Texans the opportunities to thrive.

the give back logoswcmt logo

What are you doing outside of music?

I’m starting up a sneaker business sneakerwxrs with my partner tone doing interviews for some dope people in the industry, being entrepreneurs and pushing this global for the CWCMF agency. For me, it’s always deeper then the music

Do you have any projects coming up?

My brand and I are always working on big things and singles. Right now I’m working on a couple things lowkey me and my whole crew sitting on a lot of dope visuals and singles. Hope you enjoy everything from everything creative they been working hard on their on personal crafts but my long awaited 7 tape and EP series coming like the “ Casino “ series. I’ll think I’ll do that 4th one and probably “ The Greatest 2 “ to honor the great Muhammad Ali w/ DJ K sin and I got something in the stash I been working on too for sure.

homies together dryerimage_6487327

What made you play the hat on taking on different roles in the industry?

Because nobody wanted to help me or my camp at first so had to get right and learn the basics; mold it into a formula to see positive growth. We’ve worked wonders.

What types of services do you provide?

I’m an AR for an established label, I help all my artists connect the dots in order to get them blog placements, radio spins, the right media and promo runs for their projects as well as a marketing rep for the right audience and party. I’m also a curator throwing shows for your favorite artists and creators in the underground. I’ve also had a radio show with dash radio as a well media platform called wolfclvb that was sponsored by the NBA WNBA 2k League and more were I broke some of your favorite artists and had interviews with some of the best from the musical slant to the esports and gaming world. Me and TNT vintage and my brand cainseason also have the give back for the less fortunate every month; giving back to those in need from covers to food socks anything we can do outta our means. We will continue to help take of our people. When George Floyd passed we stood up and marched with our brothers and sisters for the cause here in Texas. My brands and passion are deeper than me, but let me plug you.

gain season logo

What do you have to say to the people?

I’m trying to explain how you can turn a wrong to a right. I’m living proof: if I can do it so can you. We all made bad decisions, it’s about how you overcome and shine in that light. Full darkness let me be that helping hand that’s what it’s about gotta help each other.


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