Big Flowers Sounds Like A Veteran On His Debut Album

Big Flowers is the multifaceted artist from Buffalo, New York whose debut project Big Smile introduces him as one of the most unique artists creating music today. This project acts as a looking glass into Flowers’ artistic personality, and what you see is a kaleidoscope of diverse flows and collage-style production coming together to create a bright, vivid listening experience. 

Before Big Smile, Big Flowers was creating ambient, almost psychedelic instrumentals and releasing collaborations and flips through his Bandcamp, although he only produced three tracks on this outing. This project introduces Flowers as a passionate vocalist with a great ear for beats, a rapper who can weave in and out of pockets with ease. 

The first thing that you’ll notice is just how wide of a range Flowers has as a rapper. Tracks like “Otherside” and “Livewire” prove that he’s able to write potent verses over mid-tempo production and deliver them through relaxed flows. Mr.Facetime is also able to bring raw, unfiltered energy to a track, making it impossible for the listener not to mimic his fervent vocals. The best example of this is the song “Type”, this record has Flowers at his most experimental. A fiery opening verse bleeds into an auto-tuned bridge that fills the room and draws you in for the twists and turns Big Smile takes you through. 

The more you listen to Big Smile the more you start to appreciate every last detail of the album. Each song transitions into the next effortlessly and before you realize it you’re in a completely different world than you were before you pressed play. The structure of this album keeps you wanting more and you never get disappointed. From the mixing of the vocals to the artwork, every aspect of this album blends together to create a cohesive listening experience through and through. 

If you didn’t know the name Big Flowers before, you won’t forget it after this album. Big Smile is a perfectly sculpted statue, a painting that catches your eye and stays with you for a reason you can’t explain, pure art. 

Check out the full project here; 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Big Flowers himself to discuss the process of creating Big Smile, the art of collaboration and much more. Listen to our full conversation here;

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