Get To Know Apollo’s Harp

“An audio label for artists, bands, and anything else that creates”, that’s what greets you at the top of the official Apollo’s Harp website, That saying prepares you for what’s below, a  colorful discography ranging from the dark house songs of Ulises Valadez Contreras, to the colorful, loop-driven production of g.rola and everything in between and beyond. With everything from the single/album covers to the website design being done in-house, Apollo’s Harp has created a well-oiled machine where artists can create what they want and release it to the world without too many outside hands touching their art. 

Apollo’s Harp has built a unique cast of artists who are all exceeding at what they do. Get familiar with their art;

Ulises Valadez Contreras 

Ulises Valadez Contreras cannot stop creating. Whether it be artwork for his label-mates or creating intricately structured albums, Contreras never seems to disappoint. Listening to an album from the Chicago based artist is like watching a well-run construction site, everything has a purpose and when it all come together it create a coherent, perfectly built piece of art. Recently Contreras released a three-pack single La Torre De Terror, a 7-minute rollercoaster ride through dark drums and southern-flavored hip-hop samples. 

Best Tracks: Camino777, Mascottes, DoomsDayDevice.



With colorful production and chopped up soul samples, g.rola has created something really special with his body of work. The LA-raised beatmaker and visual artist brings the best out of the samples he digs up, beautiful chops over uncompromising drums combine to create a warm, welcoming feeling. His beats have provided a canvas for some of the best writers in hip-hop, ranging from metroworldpeace to fellow Apollo’s Harp member Blake Ragsdale. In March, g.rola released g.thang vol. 1 an instrumental project that stands as his most cohesive work to date.

Best Tracks: I Am Ready Now, The More We Cry, Guess You Don’t Care 



Consistently dropping engaging beat tapes with breathtaking chords and ambient instrumentals, Achille has built an untouchable discography. With every release Achille improves on what is already an incredible sense of how to build textures with his music. Just last month Achille dropped off his latest masterpiece, SixPack 002, a collection of instrumentals that proves the uniqueness of Achille’s beautiful beats. The follow-up to this project, Sixpack 003: g.rola Edition, is a collaboration tape with fellow Apollo’s Harp producer g.rola and dropped on March 5.

Best Tracks: Feel The Same, Traffic, Arsenal 


Blake Ragsdale 

The Alabama emcee came on to the scene in 2018 with honest lyricism and relaxed flows. Ragsdale never cowards away from brutal honesty, his song-writing on his latest release What Has Yesterday Done to Tomorrow proves just that. Over murky beats, this project proves Ragsdale songwriting prowess and ear for smooth production. With a voice made for rap, Ragsdale never fails to impress with his amazing cadence. 

Best Tracks: Nikola, Joy, Check PT2 



Apollo’s Harp’s resident crooner toes the line of singer/songwriter and dark electronic music. Veltenhill came on to the scene with his debut self-titled EP, an exploration into how the Chicago vocalist/producer can mix his love for heady electronic production with his gloomy vocals. More recently, Veltenhill proved his versatility on his single “Snakes of Bedlam”. An incredible, folk-inspired record that shows just how powerful Veltenhill’s voice can be. 

Best Tracks: Snakes of Bedlam, Death Pixels, Exalted 


Here is a playlist featuring all of the tracks mentioned above;

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