Igwe Aka is Nigerian-born, Sacramento-raised multi-hyphenate, who occupies an intriguing intersection of hip-hop, alternative, and soul. Born Anthony Chukwubuike Aka’Naizerigwe, Igwe’s songwriting mediates on the realities of growing up in Northern California—navigating topics such as substance abuse, women, and the intense emotions that come with just being human. In high school, inspired by pioneers such as Kanye West and Joey Bada$$, he began to develop with rapping, leading to a style entirely his own.

Each new release from Igwe further elevates his ongoing progression, and his latest offering, “Collin Powell”, is a testament to that truth. The modest but moving delivery is driven by his passionate cadences and electric tone. Igwe’s voice manages to merge grit and warmth, coalescing into an unequivocally individual sound for the melody. 

From his musical inception, Igwe has adamantly focused on cultivating his artistic identity. His early works are experimental and eclectic, pulling from expansive influences while playing with new sounds. While expanding as an artist he has secured a dedicated fan base not only in his region but internationally, too–new fans constantly enamoured by his enthralling vocals after discovering him online. 

His live shows are an explosive experience. Whether softly serenading or bellowing at full blast, whether face to face or facing a roomful of fans, Igwe has audiences captivated and ready for more. 

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