Pro Zay Discusses His Newest Project “Blood Stained Pages”

Pro Zay has the type of cadence that makes you believe he was born to rap. With a smooth and confident approach on the mic, the Texas rapper delivers aggressive lyrics and vivid storytelling over an array of production styles throughout his discography. With a distinct and raspy voice, Pro Zay was made to rap on brighter instrumentals. The juxtaposition creating a unique sound that is impossible to replicate.

With a consistent release pattern, Pro Zay has built up one of the most colorful discographies in the current rap scene. Following the classic hip-hop blueprint of one rapper pairing with one producer, Pro Zay has an arsenal of talented beat-makers who are ready to lay the groundwork for Zay’s storytelling. Pro Zay had one of the best 2020s in rap. Releasing a total of 8 projects including NCL-Zay 2, Chain smoke, and Foil just to name a few.

To kick off 2021, on April 10, Pro Zay released Blood Stained Pages, a project that has the rapper at his most vulnerable. A stand-out track like “Haze” has brutally honest lyrics and brilliant storytelling over a somber yet beautiful loop chopped up by Fred E. Krush.

I sat down with Pro Zay to discuss his career so far and the process of creating Blood Stained Pages

Check out the project here: 

Listen to our full conversation here: 

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