Heights 2 by Trillian OG dropping This June

Tariq McLean aka Trillan OG has recently let me in on his new project that he’s dropping this June. A 28 year old upcoming music artist from East Cleveland who’s been making a name for himself with all his recent music bringing in the fans. I feel this new mixtape is going to draw in a even bigger crowd. I asked him if there was any reason for dropping it on June 20th. He said “It drops June 20’th specifically to honor the summer solstice where the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky during the entire year. I would have made it an album but there are a few tracks from years and years ago that I don’t have the stems for to properly master.” I thought that was a pretty cool detail that i would include in this.

The cover art is the first thing along side of the song name that stands out to a person when checking someones music out. I wanted to know what the cover art was and what the meaning behind it was so i asked him and he said “The album cover is a burning building with a walk signal showing the hand flipping the bird and showing the number 12 (pretty self explanatory) I tried to create something that showed a sense of unrest like the fiery feeling you get in your gut when you feel like you have to take immediate action. I’m a person that likes to get things done and in a way that I can be proud of my results so it’s frustrating being submerged in this culture of toxic ego and facade. It feels like a lot of people are unhappy with themselves and look outward for validation and sympathy rather than stepping back to figure out how to put out those internal flames. That could be a police officer who’s too fearfully biased to do their job, that could be a significant other who tries to use or manipulate you, that could be a parent who neglects their child, that could be anybody who has the audacity to insult or scam someone on any level without cause or provocation. In the 3rd track “Majority” i use a Malcolm X speech to set this exact tone and at the end of the song he states “If he is not ready to clean his house he shouldn’t have a house, it should burn down” and I just feel thats the perfect analogy for the message of this series.” I loved the response for this it shows that from the gate how deep and unique this mixtapes is really going to be. I feel this mixtape is going to show off the growth of him from his first mixtape. I feel he’s going to really show off his skills and talk on some real stuff that has been going on in the world as of recently. I think its great for him and others to branch out on mixtapes and more and he really wanted to tell his story on this one and i feel he did a great job on doing this. He also stated “Then there’s the premier song Height 2. It’s just a pure expression of my mentality while making these songs. but I love the features I have with all my brothers. Each one has a unique identity and message.” He brings more people on for features and to also share their stories. This mixtape is going to be a great story telling tape that a lot of people are going to love and relate to. This will be good for the streams and new fans to come in.

Be sure to check out Trillian OG first mixtape Heights and keep a eye out for Heights 2 on June 20th.

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