Pro Zay Delivers Honesty On “Blood Stained Pages”

Blood Stained Pages adds to the already undeniable legacy of Texas rapper Pro Zay. With an hour-long run time, Zay doesn’t waste a second, painting bright yet haunting pictures with his magnificent storytelling over an array of soulful loops and smashing drums. 

Blood Stained Pages sticks out in Zay’s expansive discography due to the brutal honesty displayed all over this album. Describing in great detail the pain felt over losing a loved one and how one can go on after such a tragedy. “what’s the point of all these wins if I can’t bring them to my kin” is a bar that cuts like a knife and only begins to detail just how open Pro Zay is on this project. 

A stand-out track like “Good Run” brings the listener a peek into the mind state Pro Zay was in when creating his latest effort. This track details a man who’s faced mortality head-on and didn’t back away. Within these 23 tracks, Zay delivers gut-wrenching lyrics that paint the portrait of an artist finding peace through the creation of his art. 

Pro Zay’s technical skill as a rapper is not to be looked over on Blood Stained Pages. The pockets he is able to find on these songs are so unique to the ear it leaves you questioning how he’s able to find them but will more so just have you awe-struck at his raw talent. A track like “Powder Coated Slides” proves just how diverse Zay’s flow can become. A smooth approach to a jazzy instrumental creates one of the most unique songs on this project. 

Blood Stained Pages is the culmination of Pro Zay’s life. Although he’s been releasing music since 2018, this project feels like we’re meeting the artist for the first time. Zay has created an honest and beautiful album that has lush production to go hand-in-hand with sharp lyrics. 

Listen/purchase the album here: 

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