Slowsie (Michael Pearson) Discusses New Music

Michael Pearson is the frontman of Slowsie, a band that has been making waves through the Philadelphia music scene. Hailing from California, Pearson brings a sunny and warm tone to his music. 

The multi-talented artist has new music on the horizon but his past projects introduce an artist who is extremely dedicated to their craft. Slowsie’s debut EP, Late at Night, introduced the band as a group of hardworking musicians who don’t let a single detail go untouched. Stand-out tracks like “Vanilla Bean” highlight the crew’s unique approach to song structure and tone. 

Sweet Nothing, the band’s debut project, arrived early this year and highlights even more of the band’s natural chemistry. A conceptual piece, Pearson’s songwriting really shines through on this project with amazing tracks like “Always Hated Goodbyes” and “Sharky”. 

I sat down with Pearson to discuss his impressive work ethic, his creative process and how he would like to improve at his craft. 

Listen to Slowsie here:

Listen to our full conversation below: 

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